Your Recipes For Dog Food Is The Way To Go!

Oddly enough, prepackaged dog food has only been around for about 100 years, and ever since it was put on the shelf, we seem to have forgotten that homemade is better than prepackaged. Dogs have been around for centuries and survived just fine on table scraps and other foods right from the kitchen. Making your own recipes for your dog should be just as important as making recipes for your human family.

With the addition of additives and preservatives in our foods today, we are becoming more concerned about what it is doing to our bodies. We are trying to eat healthier by eating less fast food and prepackaged foods that are full of bad stuff that our bodies don’t need. If this is the case, then why are we still feeding food that is of poor quality and of little nutritional value to our family pets? russian food store

We are being consumed by the quality of the foods that we eat; we have forgotten or perhaps don’t realize that there should be quality to the food that dogs eat. There are some brands of manufactured dog food on the market that have very high standards, but they are very expensive. For most of us dog lovers, we follow the words of the dog food companies and believe that they are selling high quality food for our furry canine pals.

The recipes that are made for your dog that the dog food industry uses are actually very poor. This is why homemade recipes are the way to go. Many of these homemade recipes for your dog call for raw human grade foods that most of us already have in our kitchens. In addition, they are easy to follow and offer a wide variety of flavors. You like a variety so shouldn’t your dog get the same options? Quality recipes should contain some good fats and/or oils and be low in sugar. If possible, substitute sugar with molasses or honey.

Following the same nutritional guidelines for recipes for your dog that you would follow to feed your family, you will provide a substantially higher amount of nutrition that they normally wouldn’t receive. In addition, you can control the salt, the sugar, the carbohydrates, the fats and I can go on and on. Knowing what is in the food your pooch is eating is comforting; especially when you don’t know exactly what is in the package food you buy at the pet store. Yes, I know you read the ingredients list, but there are no restrictions as to how the label can read. For example, if there is corn in the product is that the whole corn, corn grits, corn bran or even corn gluten meal? There is no law stating that the dog food companies must be specific in what they list on the label.

Why are we still allowing the dog food industry to sell us dog food and dog treats that are made from very low quality ingredients? The dog food industry can use better recipes for the food it makes; although, the flip side is that the prices would rise and we would then buy an even lesser quality product. Let’s stop this and make our own recipes for dog food; this way we know that our family pet is getting everything they need each and every meal.