What Is So Special About The Realme GT Master Edition 5g?


The new Realme GT is equipped with cutting edge technology and advanced features to suit all requirements of mobile phones. It has been designed by Sony Ericsson and Nokia as the high-end handsets that can perform efficiently when it comes to the matters of entertainment, connectivity and web surfing. The users can easily access the World Wide Web from any place on the go. So you can use the Realme GT as an all in one mobile phone that offers a number of innovative features at a very reasonable price. There are various benefits of opting for this mobile phone such as below: realme gt 5g master edition

Storage Space – The Realme GT has a total of 5GB of free space in its internal memory and it is expandable using the micro SD card. It comes with two SIM cards which include an unlock code for UK SIM cards and a local SIM card slot. You can easily add a new sim card and get connected to a nearby network easily. The large memory space helps you download a lot of applications and media files to enjoy a hassle-free entertainment. The large memory also helps you to transfer the files quickly without slowing down the computer.

Display Screen – The Realme GT 5G comes with a six.5 inch AMOLED display screen that looks sharp and crisp due to the vivid colors. The smooth and clear display displays images without any glare and gives a nice visual experience. The touch screen is capable of providing a greater degree of sensitivity and response time. Also the real gt master edition 5g comes with a high performance Dual HD camera that offers great quality videos at the highest resolutions.

Quick, Charge System – The Realme GT series come with a rapid charge system that offers up to twice the fast charging of other normal batteries. This battery is compatible with all leading brands including Sony, Phillips, Samsung, LG, HTC etc. and can be charged through the USB cable without using any other adapter. This makes the real gt master edition series an ideal choice to be used with any mobile phone even if you are on the move.

High Definition Audio System – The realme gt master edition comes with a dual-band audio system with Bluetooth that ensures crystal-clear sound quality every time. Also, the HD video display with a high definition camera that offers distortion free viewing. This camera is also compatible with many different media such as AVI, WMV and MPEG. It comes with the standard Realme remote control that is designed to operate the camera with ease and offer a very intuitive user interface.

Battery Power Kit – The Realme GT series comes with a high performance Li-Ion battery that promises a long-lasting endurance and extra boost to power usage. This battery is capable of delivering power even when the phone is turned off. You get two standard types of batteries with the Realme of master edition; standard cylindrical and round cell lithium ion. The round cell lithium-ion battery is capable of providing the phone with a lot more juice than the cylindrical batteries which is a good thing for those who are always on the go. The high capacity of this battery means that it will give you an extended calling time and that means that you can talk as long as you like without being boring and without any need to recharge the battery as soon as it runs out of power.