Four Reasons to Choose a Private Holiday Villa Over a Hotel Room

More and more people are choosing to rewrite the script of a usual summer holiday package, ditching the bog-standard hotel room and opting for a private villa instead. Private villas in Italy, Portugal and Greece have all become popular in recent years, but why is there such a growing trend? Here are 4 reasons you should consider booking a private holiday villa.

Privacy 성남룸싸롱

The first reason, privacy should have obvious advantages; being met by your own private pool and villa offers the ultimate sense of paradise. There’s no need for you to get up at 7am to reserve your sunbed at the prime spot by the pool, because all the loungers are yours and you’ve even got your own villa with a pool. Enjoy the freedom of your holiday without being disturbed by anyone else.


This is certainly one of the more important aspects that swing people towards a villa. When you stay in a hotel where the food is provided, you go with the mindset that you will never have to leave the complex, as all you dietary needs are catered for (albeit at certain times of the day). With a villa you have the freedom to eat whenever you feel like it, offering the opportunity to actually explore the area where you are staying. You can go out and sample the local cuisine and gain a taste of the culture of the area, rather than getting to know a world inside the hotel walls.


Holiday Villas are ideal for extended families or groups of friends you want to go on holiday with. With most complexes boasting 3 or 4 bedrooms, it’s the perfect way to accommodate the whole group within a close proximity. Whereas with a hotel, there’s a chance you would be given rooms or apartments at completely opposite ends of the resort.