Cool MySpace Codes – Where To Search For

Do you have your own QR code yet?

Do you even know what a Quick Response code is? If you don’t, it is the evolution of the bar code and people with smart phones can simply snap a picture of these barcode like pictures and literally be transported to that companies website, video, contact form, daily special, coupon, business opportunity presentation, or whatever you’d like.

I really believe that those who make it online seem to be the ones who know how to stand out and automate the internet and maximize technology. I refer to this as conducting an “internet size up”, it means being on the look-out for technology that can change your business… Introducing the quick response code: create QR Code

Successful entrepreneurs are always searching for ways to make their product or service better. Having your own QR Code Generator can do exactly that. Just think about about how you can be using this offline marketing tool. I will give you some quick example.

But, let’s first talk about how you can use this technology in a offline fashion.

For example, maybe you want to put your QR code on a business cards. Imagine, at your next business meeting you bust out your business card and it has your unique QR code on the front. Not only will this provoke a technology conversation but the person will release they are dealing with someone who is using the latest technology to promote their business. Your QR code can be used to send the person directly to your offer or contact form. The QR code on this blog post actually takes you to MLSP which provides these qr codes for all its’ members.

Another cool option might be to have your own code put on promotional items, like mugs, pens, hats etc… The image only has to be big enough for your smartphone’s camera to snap a picture of it. ( I have a EVO and use the android qr-reader).

We all know that we are living in the age of technology, where people want to have instant gratification. Well, my friends at MLSP have developed this really cool feature. If you are looking for a turnkey internet marketing system that will help you promote any product and or service and has the coolest features like QR code generation, then check out MLSP.